Kinship Christian Radio Sunday Schedule

Weekday | Saturday | Sunday
Time of Day Programs & Short Features Host
5:30 am Treasured Truth James Ford
6:00 am Sunday Praise John Hayden
9:00 am Moody Presents Dr. Paul Nyquist
9:30 am Music and Ministry Steve Ware
10:00 am Word Wise Matt Dorfner
11:00 am Music For Sunday Roy Patterson
5:00 pm Let My People Think Dr. Ravi Zacharias
5:30 pm Music For Sunday
6:00 pm The Lutheran Hour Dr. Ken Klaus
6:30 pm Weekend Praise Allen Jones
8:00 pm In Touch Charles Stanley
8:30 pm Turning Point Weekend Dr. David Jeremiah
9:00 pm Faith on Record Bill Davis
10:00 pm Unshackled Pacific Garden Mission
10:30 pm Afterglow Don Johnson
11:00 pm Psalm 95 National Christian Choir
12:00 am Praise & Worship Jon Gauger



News and Weather
National News: 5 minutes before the hour
Weather: At the top and bottom of each hour