Kinship Christian Radio Saturday Schedule

Weekday | Saturday | Sunday
Time of Day Programs & Short Features Host
12:00 am
Praise & Worship Jon Gauger
5:00 am
Family Talk Weekend James Dobson
5:30 am The Christian Working Woman Mary Lowman
5:45 am A Different Perspective Berni Dymet
8:00 am Paws and Tails
8:30 am Down Gilead Lane
9:00 am Adventures in Odyssey
9:30 am Karen & Kids
9:45 am Music
10:50 am Rooted in the Word Pastor Derek Olson
11:00 am Ed Stetzer Live Ed Stetzer
1:00 pm The Land and the Book Charlie Dyer
2:00 pm Missions Today Collin Lambert
2:30 pm First Person Wayne Shepherd
11:00 pm Praise & Worship Jon Gauger

News and Weather
National News: 5 minutes before the hour
Major Regional Newscasts:
Saturday: 7:00AM, 7:57AM
Weather: At the top and bottom of each hour