Meet The Board Of Directors

MICB Board members serve as unpaid volunteers and oversee the entire radio and related ministries of KJLY, KJYL, KJCY, KJIA, KJWR, KJGT, KJTS, KJTT, KJWC, KJGA, KJLW,  KJCA, KJRX, and KJBG.


Dr. Eric Evans

Dr. Eric Evans serves as Vice Chairman of Kinship Radio’s Board of Directors. He is a pathologist, pilot and actively involved in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Eric started listening to Kinship Radio in 1994 and has been an advocate ever since. He is married to Lori and has four children.

John Roise

A member-at-large on Kinship Radio’s Board of Directors, John Roise’s journey has taken him from his youth on the farm, serving in the Army, to a successful career in the world of corporate banking. Currently his entrepreneurial efforts are cultivating multiple ventures across the U.S. John is passionate about evangelism as evidenced by his participation in many Gospel ministries like Kinship Radio. He lives in the Mankato, Minnesota area and has four adult children.

David Siegrist

Dave is the Secretary of the Kinship Radio’s Board of Directors. In addition to expanding his own practice in Britt, Iowa, Dave extends his expertise as a lawyer in order to advance Kinship Radio’s mission. In his spare time, you can find him on one of the many bike trails that Iowa and Minnesota have to offer. Dave and his wife Lisa have seven children and reside in Iowa.

Eugene Stallkamp

“Gene” is the Chairman Emeritus of Kinship Radio’s Board of Directors. Now retired, he maintains business interests in farming and heavy equipment. As one of the original members of the Board, Gene continues to give tremendous amounts of time to Kinship Radio. He and his wife Marilyn reside near Bricelyn, MN.

Dr. Tom Wetzell

Tom Wetzell serves Kinship Radio as the Chairman and Treasurer on its Board of Directors. In addition to his work as a veterinarian, Tom is an elder at Crossroads Church in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Tom has been involved in short term mission work in China, Jamaica, Peru, India, and Liberia. He and his wife Karen are blessed with 12 grandchildren and live outside of Cleveland, Minnesota.