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The following was written by a young man called Levi. He’s 14, make that almost 15 years-old. Two years ago, he was struggling with a life that had been so harsh he didn’t believe love was real, let alone that Jesus was the love of God in the flesh. He had been called “incorrigible” at one point. But, a family who knew Jesus and His love took Levi in and gave him a safe place to live, enough food to eat, clean clothes, guidance, direction, and the pure and genuine love of Jesus. Levi resisted at first, and even talked frequently of running away, but the irresistible love of Jesus completely changed his life. Today, he gets good grades, plays baseball, and enjoys the life a young man loved and adopted into the family of God. He recently wrote this to read in church:


Who does Jesus love?
Jesus loves the guy who needs help finding a job.
He loves the girl who wants to change the world one puppy, or prodigal, or person at a time.
Jesus loves the one who speaks before they think.
He loves the one going through the deepest hurt and worst trial because he identifies with the battle the way they know it.
Jesus loves the woman everyone is gossiping about.
He loves the boy who loves a girl who doesn’t love him back.
Jesus loves the girl who doesn’t remember what it feels like to be healthy and whole.
He loves the one who tries hard to do the right thing.
Jesus loves the ones whose brains and bodies don’t work the ways they should.
He loves the one who has wrecked his marriage.
Jesus loves the guy who wants to believe but doesn’t yet.
He loves the girl with control issues.
Jesus loves the one who can’t get off the couch to go try again.
He loves the mom who fights for her kids.
Jesus loves the guy who battles fear, cancer, and the future all at the same time.
He loves the underdog. And the one who gets ignored, dismissed, or overlooked.
He loves the girl who can’t forgive herself. (So He does.)
He loves the boy who spits on another guy’s baseball glove.
He loves the dad who’s trying to be a role model to a son who’s nothing like him.
Jesus loves the girl who sings at the top of her lungs in her morning commute.
Jesus loves the one who needs help and doesn’t deserve it.
Jesus loves us to the greatest degree possible.
He loves us because he gets us in every possible way.
He loves each of us.
Jesus loves all of us.
Today’s Praise
1 Timothy 1:14
Oh, how generous and gracious our Lord was! He filled me with the faith and love that come from Christ Jesus. (NLT)

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