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Red Swenson and Prince Valiant

We built our family home on the shore of a lake that had been drained over a hundred years ago. As a result, our yard to the east (Or “the lower back yard” as I call it.) is lush and fertile. It had never been farmed, so once the trees, brush, nettles, and giant ragweed […]

The “Right Time” is Now

    Last week, I wrote that I hoped that we would not return to “normal” as we transition out of this COVID19 pandemic.   This week, you may have heard a news story on Kinship Christian Radio that about two-thirds of American Christians believe that God is using this situation to tell people to […]

Let’s NOT Go Back to “Normal”

  I know many of you are wishing for, longing for, even praying for things to get back to “normal.”   I am praying they do not.   As a dear pastor friend pointed out recently, our version of “normal” is not at all what God considers normal.   We pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy […]


  For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14   The National Day or Prayer is Thursday, May 7. For most of you who read this when I post it on Wednesday night, that means the National Day of prayer […]

The Road to Somewhere

  Last Sunday, my friend and brother in Christ Pastor Brett Miller from Southeast Christian Church in Minneapolis posted a 23-minute sermon on You Tube titled “The Road to Somewhere.” In my humble opinion, I think its on par with the preaching and teaching you’d find on Kinship Christian Radio, so I’d like to share […]

No Denying

Of course, Resurrection Sunday had me thinking about Jesus rising from the grave.    It’s the most glorious, amazing event in all of human history. There is no other event in all of humanity that has changed the course of human history more than that one empty tomb.   Nothing.    If Jesus had not […]

A Strong Wind Blowing

Like last fall’s leaves being blown around by the winds of spring, there are a lot of things swirling around in my head and in my soul.   Let me just list them and I’ll try connecting the dots later.   Last week, Kinship Christian Radio Executive Director Matt Dorfner wrote a blog post about […]

“Why is this Covid-19 pandemic happening?”

If you dare say it, most people will suddenly go quiet and stare.       The stares may turn to glares.  Nevertheless, somebody has to speak the truth about the elephant in the room.  The elephant that most are claiming is really a Zebra or a Kangaroo or a Seahorse.       The elephant in the room […]

Mordecai and The Great Rabbi

      Lately, I’ve been reading, “Abba’s Child” by Brennan Manning.    If that name rings a bell but you can’t quite place it, it’s because Brennan Manning also wrote “The Ragamuffin Gospel,” an excellent book which had a profound influence on Rich Mullins and his music. Manning was (he passed away in 2013) […]