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The Filter Blog

  My lovely wife recently noticed the water in our shower has a disagreeable, even offensive odor. Since our home is rural and we have a private well, this was not the first time this has occurred. Over the course of the two decades we’ve lived here, a water filter with activated carbon has proven […]

God’s Purpose

  As regular, loyal, highly-intelligent readers of the Kinship Blog may have noticed, I have grown increasingly fond of the NLT (New Living Translation) of the Bible.   The NLT is not a paraphrase nor is it simply a rephrasing of previous translation. A team of people (not just one person)  who are all way […]

When the Demons Tremble

  “Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble…” –from “Tremble,” by Mosiac MSC   That’s one of my favorite songs on Kinship Radio. I sometimes play it right before falling asleep.   There is a deep peace in knowing that I belong to the very Son of God who cannot be overcome by anything in […]

What Were They Thinking?

  When I wrote last week about our internal dialogues, what I didn’t share with you was that it was prompted by Salvador Ramos.   I could not help but wonder what would have been going through that young man’s mind, in fact his soul, prior to shooting children in an elementary school. And, no […]

The Internal Dialogue

    It has been said, by various people in various ways, that what you think about is what you are and what you become.   That quote, or variations of it, has been attributed to many people in many ways. From Buddha to Earl Nightingale, people have long recognized that our thought life shapes […]

For God Is With Us

  One of my favorite songs on Kinship Radio is currently “For God Is With Us” by For King and Country.   There’s a certain grandeur to the music and, at first blush, the lyrics seem very Christmas-like:   “No room for a king No celebration and no ceremony In that little town no, nobody […]

Be Thou My Vision

I’ve been wearing reading glasses (a.k.a. “cheaters”) for about 20 years now.    It’s not a big deal, and despite having a pair in virtually every room in my house and occasionally searching everywhere for that “lost” pair only to find them perched atop my increasingly absent-minded head, there aren’t a lot of drawbacks. They’re […]

The Not-Really-Conflicted Conflict

  Mid-May has always been a time of some conflict for me.   On the one hand, I’ve long adhered to May 15 as the first safe date for planting the garden. As long as I can remember planting a garden in Minnesota, I’ve never lost a tender garden plant to frost as long as […]

National Day of Prayer

  “I suppose the only thing we can do now is pray.”    For many people, Christians included, prayer is often seen as the last resort, the thing we do when nothing else works, when all other hope is exhausted. But, that is most certainly not what God’s Word says, nor is it the way […]

How to Win an Argument

  All across the internet, people are having arguments. It’s like the new national sport.   And it’s so easy to get sucked into these debates and try to “win.”    A friend of mine recently posted a meme with a dramatic artist’s rendering of a jetliner crashing and the words, “There are believers who […]