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National Day of Prayer

In my little Bible study group, I have (at times) been known as “the love guy.”   Its because the more we study our Bibles, the more I find that it really all does come down to love.    I see it an almost every verse and every situation in the Bible.   God created the […]

Just as He Said

    He is Risen indeed!   If you are a regular listener to Kinship Christian Radio, I’m sure you heard that phrase sometime last weekend.   It’s a common reply among Christians at Easter time, and it comes from Luke 24: 34: “The Lord has risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon!”    It takes […]


  One of the things I was taught in big-time professional writer’s school was that including things like smells in one’s writing makes it more real and “alive” to the reader.   That came back to me recently as I was reading John 11 where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.    At verse 39, […]

But God

The Kinship Christian Radio Women’s Conference was last Saturday with over 700 women in attendance listening to featured speaker Liz Curtis Higgs, attending various mini-sessions, worshiping with Jillian Jones, enjoying delicious food, and generally being pampered and appreciated in many various ways.   I did not attend the entire event, but I was privy to […]

The Amazing, Astounding … GOD!

(The Amazing Gary and Lame-O the Gring-O.) While on a recent mission trip to Guatemala, one of the things I most enjoyed was a Saturday afternoon of fun, games, entertainment, and some Bible teaching  for the young ladies at Prince of Peace Home for Girls.   As I wrote last week, there are 43 girls […]


  I’ve just returned from a week at Prince of Peace Home for Girls in Guatemala and I am haunted.   There is a spirit following me around and it won’t leave me alone.   Perhaps I should explain more fully:  Prince of Peace is an orphanage where 43 girls and young ladies reside.  I went there with […]

The Mega-Church

  Sometimes, we are not at our best but we still have to function.   Case in point: I am currently battling a cold and recovering from a migraine at the same time.   Waaah.   I still need to write a blog.    Actually, “need” is not the right word. I want to write the […]


      I’m going to write the blog backwards this week by starting with the answer: “Both.”   Now, I’m guessing at this point you would like me to divulge the question, but if I did that, why would you read more than the first two sentences?   And let us not forget that […]

Beyond the Walls

In the Colonial Section of Santo Domingo: (l to r) Back row: Sor Mercedes, Tom Wetzell, Cristian Del Rosario Urbaez, Joanna Urbaez, Pastor Secundino Ulloa; Middle row: Beth Crosby, Elpidio Zapata, Dan Jones, Alice Urbaez; Front row: Alberto de la Cruz, and Ysabel Paulino.   As many of you know, I’ve just returned from a […]

Who Is This Guy?

I’ve been writing this blog now for several years. I’m not even exactly sure how long it’s been. Maybe five years?    I sit down once a week and try to come up with something that has something to do with Kinship Christian Radio that will encourage you, something that will help you grow closer […]