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It’s Not About Religion…

..it’s about relationship.   We’ve all seem this meme many times and I certainly do not disagree with it, but lately I have come to believe it is far, far deeper than that.   The book of Ephesians has been on my heart for a long time now.   I wrote about it way back […]

“I’m With the Band.”

              I distinctly remember the day I started listening to Kinship Christian Radio.   I don’t remember the exact year or the day of the week, but I was driving my car, listening to the “Classic Rock” station and they were playing some song I’d heard countless times before […]

Happy IS Possible!

Last week, someone posted a link to an article entitled “Humans aren’t designed to be happy — so stop trying.”   Okay, I normally don’t jump right to “demonic influence” when I see something on the internet because I resist giving the enemy of our souls more credit than he deserves, but this… this gave […]

The Dog Blog

As I am sure you have probably already heard, Kinship Christian Radio is sponsoring a big, exciting, amazing “Dog Days Competition” from now until August 8.   All you have to do to participate is take a cute or funny picture of your pet and post it on the Kinship Facebook page or email it […]

Things We Say That Are Not Actually In The Bible

Pretty much anyone who listens to Kinship Christian Radio on a regular basis is aware that Announcer Allen Jones has an affinity for bears.  Allen talks about bears, thinks about bears, sometimes allows himself to slightly resemble a bear (facial-hair wise), and even dreams about bears.  Which is why, when I saw a metal sign […]

What You Don’t Know About Israel

Every time I hear the song “King” by Beckah Shae on Kinship Christian Radio, I think of Israel. This is obviously because it contains the line, “Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha’olam.” (Hebrew for, ” Blessed are you, LORD our God, King of the universe.”) Regular readers of this blog know that I went to Israel […]

George Washington and Jesus

No doubt you will hear many references on Kinship Christian Radio on Independence Day in regard to God, our national freedom, and our freedom in Christ.    It’s common in the secular media of our day to hold the view that our founding fathers were Diests who believed in a Creator God, but not the […]

The Truth

I had a rather interesting exchange with my lovely wife this morning.   We were in the bathroom, both getting ready for work, when I noticed a new box of facial tissues* on the counter.   “Oh! Thank you for putting out a new box of facial tissues*,” I said aloud.   She looked at me […]

To Boldy Go…

        Blog Writer’s Log Star date 17.6.19:01.19 Starship KCR104.5   Over half the designated parsec frame has elapsed since requests have gone out for written inter-personal communications and, although some responses have been received, the level of communiques is still below what we know is possible.   It appears the inhabitants of the […]

The Third Plague

      I refuse to complain about the gnats.   Granted, I have noticed them. But, after the brutality of last winter, I have resolved not to complain about these tiny insects no matter how annoying they get.   Let’s recap for a moment: I have a half-mile driveway (which I will grant you […]