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Dear Brother or Sister

Dear Brother or Sister,   I’m sorry that we spent so many years not talking to each other.   I’m sorry that, early in your life when I should have been there, I was not. I have an excuse for my behavior, but it doesn’t matter. The fact is, I was wrong.   I’m sorry […]

On Being a Disciple

Okay, this has the potential to be a long, rambling bunny trail with numerous thorny patches, but pull up a chair and I’ll try and be as succinct as possible.   About five years ago, I went on my first mission trip and I fell in love with a whole bunch of people in the […]

A New Year

I’m not against the New Year.   Really, I’m not.   I mean, I guess that celebrating one more rotation around the sun is a fairly good idea, what with all the implications of getting to start over and maybe do better this time, but it’s not like you or I have any control over the […]

Light of the World, Part Two

Just two weeks ago, I posted a blog about Christmas lights and their symbolism of Jesus as the light of the world.  https://kinshipradio.org/home/2019/12/12/light-of-the-world/   Very shortly thereafter, a friend of mine on social media posted a link to a blog titled “Joyful and Triumphant” written by Dave Gipson in which he makes almost exactly the […]

Come and See What God Has Done

My lovely wife and I attended the 12th annual Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge Christmas Concert last Saturday night. As always, it was wonderful.   As always, it brought me to tears.   And I cannot help but think about all the people who, at this joyous and glorious time of year, are having a […]

Light of the World

      People love Christmas lights.   Even the most hard-core Grinch, even the Scroogiest Scrooge can’t help but appreciate the beauty of all the multicolored lights on homes, businesses, churches, trees, bushes, fences, and virtually anything on which a light can be hung.   And, I will grant you that many of these […]

That Christmas Spirit

Listening to Allen Jones on Kinship Christian Radio the week before Thanksgiving was like… like a writer struggling to come up with words to describe a junkie anticipating his next fix without offending the junkie.   Now, before I irreparably offend Allen, let me be clear that I am NOT in any way talking about […]


The Sea of Galilee, taken from the Mount of Beatitudes. (Photo by author.)   There have only been a few times in my life when I got a glimpse of the real magnitude of the love of God.   The first one was when I was maybe nine years old. I don’t remember if it […]


    For regular readers of this blog, you may remember that I went on a trip to Israel last May with about 30 other people. Three of those people were affiliated with a ministry called, “Godtown.”   That’s a pretty interesting name for a ministry and I was, of course, intrigued.   They also […]

Answers. Light. Hope!

  It is once again time for Kinship Christian Radio’s Share-A-Thon!      It’s a glorious, wonderful, amazing, and very busy time for the staff of Kinship Christian Radio.    Of course, I very much enjoy the various food-related events associated with Share-A-Thin… (Oops. I think that was a wishful-thinking Freudian typo just there.)    As I was […]