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“Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest…”

Kinship Christian Radio Announcer Beth Crosby recently spoke of
Russian missionaries being told there were three phrases which they
must know in any language:

“I love you.”

“I forgive you.”

“It’s time for supper.”

Ahhh, supper.

Supper is my favorite meal. Breakfast is nice, but you have a whole day’s
work ahead of you. And breakfast generally doesn’t have the variety
of options supper generally has. Lunch is a good break to the day, but
again, one tends to eat quickly to get back to work. Lunch always seems
to have a deadline.

Supper is where you sit down to a meal after a long day and you are
reunited with the family. Hopefully, there’s nothing pressing or urgent
to rush the meal. You can just enjoy it–and supper often includes
dessert. (Who ever heard of dessert after breakfast?)

Yes, supper is special.

When Beth was talking about those phrases the missionaries were
should know, it came as no surprise that she linked the first two to
God’s love and forgiveness. I did not expect her to link the last phrase to
the Lord’s Supper.

Of course, I should have. Beth Crosby knows the Lord and does a
wonderful job of revealing God’s glory in places we might have missed.

And, yes, the Lord’s Supper is where we are reunited with the family of
God outside the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world. It is where
we gather around the table with Jesus. It is where the bread and the
wine are blessed and passed among the believers to share. It is where
we feel forgiven and loved—where we most share fellowship with our

“It’s time for supper” is indeed one of the most beautiful phrases in
any language, because it is an invitation to be blessed and to share.

The Lord’s Supper is an invitation to a feast of remembrance and
celebration not just of His death on the cross, but of His resurrection andHis promise.

And the dessert is the joy we feel in being His child, an heir to the
kingdom of God, forgiven and free.

Today’s Praise

Behold, I stand at the door and I shall knock. If a man listens
to My voice and will open the door, I also shall come in and I
shall have supper with him, and he with Me
.” Revelation 3:20