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The Burning Question:

What advice would you give to a person who is about to get married?

Morning Devotional:

Nothing tasted good. Does this story resonate with you after the last few years? I remember when I had Covid, I didn’t completely lose my sense of taste, but smell was gone, and it made everything taste like cardboard. Well, my wife recently lost her senses of taste and smell when she was sick, and it’s a strange kind of sadness. You eat, but the enjoyment seems to be gone. You go through the motions because your body needs nourishment, but there’s a dull ache for the symphony of flavors that once filled your mouth.

This temporary loss of taste can be a metaphor for our spiritual lives as well. Sometimes, life’s challenges and busyness can dull our ability to savor the sweetness of God’s presence. The Bible reminds us in Psalm 34:8: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” (NIV). Even when the flavors of life seem muted, God’s goodness remains constant.

Just like my wife and I wait with hope for the return of her senses, we can actively seek to regain our spiritual taste. Spend time in prayer, delve into scripture, and surround yourself with a faith community. As we immerse ourselves in the richness of God’s love and presence, the flavors of our spiritual life will return, sweeter than ever before.


Bible Quiz:


Who with Peter, Healed a crippled Man at the Beautiful Gate?


 John Acts 3:1-6

Storytime: Lake Superior Agate!

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