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Morning Devotional:

You have to praise the Lord for the blessing of friendship.

I got to enjoy some time with a friend late yesterday afternoon and it was so wonderful.  I only see her every couple of months and she is the kind of friend that, no matter what, pours out goodness and joy into everything and everyone. She would do anything for anyone, and she has come to my aid over and over again. I would drop everything to help her if she needed it, too. Do you have that kind of friend in your life? No matter how you answered that question, I hope you know that with Christ, you have the greatest friend of all.

Jesus is a friend that will come to your aid immediately when you call on Him. The Lord won’t leave you or forsake you, and He would give anything to see you cared for. He would give His life for you and He did when He died on the cross for you.  Proverbs 18:24 says “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” and with Jesus, that’s true. He’s always there for you.  You are never alone. 


Burning Question:

What is your least favorite awkward situation?

Bible Quiz:

Question: What prophet, famous for his vision of the dry bones, was with the exiles in Babylon?

Answer:  Ezekiel  (Ezekiel 1, 37)

Storytime: Corned Beef, Corned Beef Everywhere!

Just one more thing…

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