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Morning Devotional:

I looked pretty silly but honestly, I didn’t really mind.

Over the weekend, I did something that I rarely do and spent a little bit of time on the machines in the gym. I was on a stationary bike and had planned on doing about a 20-minute ride or so. It was early and I was one of the first people to show up in the gym so I had the place pretty much to myself. I punched in my settings, put my earbuds in my ears and I was off.

The best motivator I have when it comes to exercise is a well curated playlist so I had some preset songs on my phone to pedal to. My playlist didn’t work so I ended up switching to another source for my tunes, one of which really got me moving. It is my favorite song on the radio right now and I was loving it!  I was bobbing my head, swinging and flapping my arms, my eyes closed, “dancing” as wildly as one can on a recumbent bike. I was having a great time praising the Lord.

My enthusiasm reached its peak when the song ended and I opened my eyes to find I had gained a small audience, as a couple of other gym members had arrived just in time to witness my performance.  Slightly embarrassed but loving the moment, I waved to them, said “great song,” and finished my workout. 

In 2 Samuel chapter six, King David publicly danced before the Lord with all his might as the ark of the covenant was brought into the city. His wife, Michal, despised this, but David’ response is golden: “I will be even more undignified than this.” I wasn’t too worried about my dignity at the gym. My Lord was praised and that’s what mattered.

– Beth

P.S. The song I was listening to can be found here.  Enjoy!

Burning Question:

What job do you wish you could try for a day?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  Which gospel claims that Pilate had the plaque “the King of the Jews” fastened on Jesus’ cross?

Answer:  John  (John 19:19-22)

Storytime: Next Time, I’m getting Help

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