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Morning Devotional:

Yesterday I heard a very short but stirring word of encouragement that not only ministered to me right where I needed it, but he spoke life into an area where I have sensed a major disconnect in my faith walk.  His word was a simple question. Has just a little bit of Jesus become our more than enough?

The question seared through me like a hot knife through butter.  A little bit of Jesus?  I immediately saw this picture of my day-to-day life like this giant pot of soup cooking on the stove and I was trying to add the seasonings.  The recipe called for a teaspoon of this and a tablespoon of that, but instead of adding the whole portions of seasonings at once, I was adding them in miniscule amounts at a time. A grain of salt here, a tiny, dried flake of basil there. I saw how my faith life was becoming more and more flavorless, all because I was settling for just a little bit of Jesus. 

There is so much to be found in a relationship with the Lord! Grace, mercy, forgiveness, freedom, eternal life – the list is long. Why do we let ourselves experience the bare minimum of Jesus when He says in John 10:10 that He came “that we may have life, and have it to the full?” A nibble of Jesus isn’t enough for me and I hope it’s not for you either.

– Beth

Burning Question:

What is a favorite story of yours to tell?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What Apostle agreed to purify himself along with four others and shave his head?

Answer:  Paul  (Acts 21:23-26)

Storytime: I need to FOCUS on what he is interested in.

Just one more thing…

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