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Morning Devotional:

My Dad is a person who rarely sits still.  

He always needs to be doing something, whether it is some sort of house project or repair or just book work, Dad is always up to something. Several weeks ago, he broke his foot and since that time he had only been housebound, but he has also been immobile, relegated to his easy chair armed with the television remote and lots of time on his hands.

It is very clear that I inherited the “have to be busy” quality from my Dad.  I have to be busy doing something or I will go crazy!  I’m not much for the physical labor side of things like my Dad has been, but I have to always have my mind engaged in something, whether it be the next article I write or the next album I would like to record – there’s always something creative going on in my head.

My busyness gets me in trouble sometimes because I often find myself forgetting an important part of my faith regimen – focused time resting in the presence of the Lord. I forget the resting and recharging in His presence part of my day so easily, as I often think that the accomplishments are what bring me closer to the Lord when it is the time spent kindling the relationship that does that very thing.

Are you a Martha like me, or more of a Mary?  Martha was the busybody of the pair, keeping everything in her circle running smoothly to the point of excess.  Mary on the other hand was the one at Jesus’ feet, getting her fill of the Word. Which tactic did Jesus prefer? “Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things. But only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away.”


Burning Question:

What is something you were wrong about?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What was David’s first capital city?

Answer:  Hebron  (2 Samuel 5:4)

Storytime:  Dad I need Help

Just one more thing…

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