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Morning Devotional:

I was never much for sports so when I was in grade school, being in those moments where the kids on the playground were picking teammates for a game of flag football or something were pure agony. I wasn’t fast or athletic, and I would sit through those times praying that I wouldn’t be the last person picked.  But I usually was. Until this one day when I was picked like third or something on a team. I was thrilled!  I played my hardest to try and win the game for my team. We did, too, and I loved it.

There is something to be said about being wanted, being chosen for something. We may not be picked to play on a sports league or be chosen for the job we interviewed for, but in God’s eyes we have all been hand-picked for the team. Ephesians chapter one tells us that we have been chosen by Him. It says that He “predestined us for adoption as his children through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will.”  There is no doubt in my mind, and neither should there be in yours. You and I, we are wanted by the God of all and we are all chosen first.  You can believe it!

– Beth

Burning Question:

When were you at a point of giving up on trusting God in a situation, and what happened?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  Who found a wife for Isaac at the well of Nahor?

Answer:  Abraham’s servant (Genesis 24)

Storytime: It’s like she has lived here her whole life!

Just one more thing…