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Morning Devotional

A famous British astronomer once said, “The universe appears to have been designed by a pure mathematician.”

When you look at some of the amazing facts surrounding the earth, the universe and how it is formed, it’s pretty easy to see that our Creator left nothing to chance. The tilt of the earth’s axis, at precisely 23.4 degrees, produces our four seasons. If the moon were only 50,000 miles away from the earth instead of 240,000, the tidal forces would be so great that our continents would be routinely submerged in water. If the crust of the earth were ten feet thicker, there would not be enough oxygen produced on earth to support life. And then, when you consider the planet, estimated to weigh six sextillion tons, spins on its axis at a thousand miles an hour and revolves around the sun at 68,000 miles per hour – that’s 19 miles per second, by the way – one can easily see King David was on to something when he said in Psalm 19, “the heavens declare the glory of the Lord.”

 All I need to do is look out my window to see that God is good and to be glorified. I just pray that in all of this creation of ours, our voices are the loudest to praise Him.
– Beth

Burning Question

What is the coolest place near you that no one else knows about?

Bible Quiz

Question:  In the time of the Judges, what tribe did the Israelites hide from in caves?

Answer:  The Midianites  (Judges 6:2)

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