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What Day Is It?

The Burning Question:

What winter projects are you doing?

Morning Devotional:

The other day I was reminded of the birth of a friend of mine’s daughter. I was there for the birth and it was an amazing experience. There was one point in the delivery when my friend, who was giving birth at home, decided she did not want to push anymore. She was done, completely spent both physically and emotionally. Her birth coach placed her hands on my friend’s face, looked her straight in the eyes and said to her, “You can’t give up. Don’t forget, there’s a baby at the end of this.”

Talk about a rally!  In just a few minutes and three good pushes, her beautiful baby girl was welcomed into the world. The joy of her arrival far outshadowed any thought of defeat or question if the fight was worth it. 

When I find myself in a place where I have labored, pushed and prayed my way through a trial, I am often reminded of that birth coach’s words: “There’s a baby at the end.” Don’t give up in your trials because your answer may come in the next prayer push away!

– Beth

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What bizarre person saw Jesus from far off and ran to worship Him?

Answer:  The Gadarene demoniac  (Mark 5:6)

Storytime: Early AM Call from Kalvary

Just one More Thing!

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