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What Day Is It?

The Burning Question:

It’s World Wish Day. If you knew your time was limited, what would your wish be?

Morning Devotional:

I woke up on Saturday morning to a rather odd situation.

Normally opening my living room blinds to a beautiful spring morning would be an enjoyable moment but this was not the case on Saturday. I looked out my window and caught something happening on the corner of my garage roof. A critter of some kind was being quite active in my gutter. I knew this because dark, wet material was being haphazardly thrown out of my gutter and onto my front yard and walkway. 

I watched this for several moments until I could finally identify the culprit. It was a large robin. Whether it was foraging for food or nesting material, I don’t know. What I did conclude was that my gutter was plugged and I needed to take care of it. 

What happened over the rest of the afternoon was a mix of bravery and comedy as I broke out my ladder, a bucket, my garden hose and anything else I could find to clear the clog in my gutter. After several breaks, a couple of chats with the neighbors and a few visits from some upset birds, the clog was cleared and water was freely flowing through the downspout again, just in time for Sunday’s soaking rainfall.

Jesus clearly tells us in John chapter four that He is the living water that never runs dry, but it is surprisingly easy for us to think the pipeline has become blocked. He’s not the one that blocks it, though. It’s usually things like unbelief, disobedience, or simple neglect that stops the flow. If you feel like your faith is a bit dry, go to the Lord and ask Him to show you the clog. Then ask Him to help you remove it. He’ll be faithful to fill you up again.

– Beth

Bible Quiz:

Question:  In what book of the Bible is this phrase found?  “The herds of cattle are perplexed.”

Answer:   Joel  (Joel 1:18)

Storytime: That is one Massive Planter!

Just One More Thing!

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