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Morning Devotional:

My former pastor had this great way of drawing you into a sermon.  He had a flair for using props, and one Sunday morning he started his sermon by placing a medium sized box on a small table up at the front of the church near where he would give the message.  

He started by saying that there was something really fascinating in this box but it might throw a few people off if they knew what was in it. Well, that’s not exactly what he said.  He said things more along the lines of, “Thissss might be a little unsettling, it might rattle some of you, etcetera,” essentially giving you every possible hint that there was a snake of some kind was in the box.

Now I am deathly afraid of snakes and I had picked a very bad day to sit in the front row of the church, if you know what I mean!  My pastor went through his entire sermon, but I don’t even know what he preached on because I was too concerned about what was in the box. Finally, as he was ending the service he invited members of the congregation to come up and look inside the box to see what was inside after the benediction. As they came and looked inside, there were many smiles and nods of understanding.  I was scared but now also curious, so I mustered up all the courage I had and took a peek.  What was inside the box?  It was a whole bunch of rattlers all right. Baby rattles. 

The object lesson of my pastor’s message that day has never left me. We fear the unknown far too easily. The mere thought of a snake in that box paralyzed me far longer than it had to, when all i had to do is remind myself who it is that casts my fear away.  Perfect love casts out fear.  God’s got it all, and I need to remember that.


Burning Question:

What family legend or historical fact do you share the most?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  Who sent two spies to Jericho?

Answer:  Joshua  (Joshua 2:1)

Storytime:  I guess Grandpa Lives here now.  

Just one more thing…

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