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Morning Devotional:

So it was a nice evening yesterday and I was rather beat so instead of cooking, I decided to go out to dinner. I didn’t have anyone to go with so my plan was to pick up some takeout, head out to a local park and soak up the outdoors while enjoying my dinner. 

Now I eat alone a lot and I am honestly okay with it but my fatigue led me down a path where I was starting to feel a little lonely and a bit sorry for myself. When the deep sighs started, it happened.  I heard someone say my name behind me and sure enough, there was an old friend from long ago – someone I hadn’t seen in a long time. We chatted for a while, not very long, and before I knew it my mood lifted. It was a blessing.

In John chapter 20, we find Mary in an intimate moment, mourning the loss of a friend. She was overcome with loss, with pain, with that burdened feeling of the empty space where a loved one would be. But then it came – her name.  He said her name, and that was all she needed to know that everything was going to be okay. 

If you’re ever in need of someone, in need of comfort, whatever, let it be that knowledge.  The Lord knows you by name and speaks it in love.  


Burning Question:

If you could chat with any person in the Bible besides Jesus, who would it be and why?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What prophet’s sons were notorious for taking bribes?

Answer:  Samuel  (1 Samuel 8:1-3)

Storytime: Tag you’re it!

Just one more thing…

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