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Kingdom Builders by Allen Jones

By 08/22/2016December 14th, 2017No Comments
I often find God’s workings in the most miniscule everyday details.  


Like a Squirrel.


The Gray Squirrel specifically.  Were you aware that the gray squirrel only recovers about 26 percent of the nuts it hides away?  26 percent!


That’s like going to the grocery story, then losing 74 percent of what you just bought!  


Why are these little guys so forgetful?  Well, it benefits the growth of trees for one thing.  Every time a squirrel forgets to dig up a nut, it could become a great, mighty oak.


It’s like squirrels are natural little farmers, going around planting seeds…then forgetting about it.


Because of this forgetful habit it allows plants and trees to flourish, expanding forests and the ecosystem.


Yet in terms of survival instincts, you would think there memory would have improved overtime.  But they haven’t!  And unhindered  woods continue to flourish through the help of absent minded squirrels.


I can’t help but see the signs of our great creator in this. The forgetful squirrel creating the expansion of forests, and in fact his own home, by forgetting where he hid his nuts.


It’s incredible!  


“For My hand made all these things, Thus all these things came into being,”

Our God has made all things,  and that includes our forgetful furry friends that help provide a home for squirrels and animals alike by growing unintentional trees, that then provide life giving oxygen to the entire earth!


Even the most minuscule of details, screams of the greatness of God when we really look at it!


Even in the everyday occurrences in our own lives, you can see God’s hand guiding (what we may call) the smallest of details.


A chance to open a door for a stranger, that then sparks a friendly conversation, that then leads to you sharing your faith, and BOOM!…a seed is planted.


You thought you were just opening the door, but in fact you were expanding the kingdom of God, little squirrel.


Because of God, squirrels aren’t just forgetful, humorous, little fellows…they’re forest builders.


Because of God, you aren’t just Suzy the shop clerk, or Frank the car mechanic.  Because of God, I’m not just Allen the radio guy…because of God, we’re kingdom builders, and everyday we have opportunities to grow the kingdom of God, in the smallest, most minuscule ways.

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