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HALLELUJAH!! By Allen Jones

By 02/20/2016February 17th, 2017No Comments


If you have the time, I would highly recommend watching this 10 minute clip of one of the greatest physical comedy routines I have ever seen.


One of the things that makes this sketch so great is that it is so relatable.  We all have either been Mr. Bean in this situation, or known a Mr. Bean.


My favorite part is the build to the ending song.  I know that I have been in this place multiple times!  There’s no hymnals available, I don’t know the full lyrics to the song…but I know HALLELUJAH!  And I’m going to sing it!!


In our general knowledge of God do we sometimes come across a similar situation?


I know this part of the Bible, or this particular teaching of Jesus, so I’m going to say it loudly and proudly!  But what I don’t know, I’ll just try to fake or hum along with.


Sadly, Mr. Bean was willing to learn the lyrics.  It wasn’t a willful ignorance.  He wanted to see the hymn book, but the man sitting next to him wasn’t willing to share, because Mr. Bean, was frankly, just being too weird.


There’s so much information in the teachings of God, it can be a bit overwhelming to a new believer.  Wishing to learn more,wanting to learn more,  but they’re too scared to ask and don’t wish to show their ignorance.


Just as Mr. Bean wanted to participate in worship, he hummed along even though he didn’t know the lyrics.


One, there is so shame in not knowing!  We have all not known at some point or another in our lives, and we should always be willing to ask questions and learn.


Two, let us never put up our nose, because we may be more knowledgeable than someone else.  


Luke 6: 40
the student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.


As our knowledge grows let us embrace the role of  an enthusiastic teacher, and an eager student!  Always seeking to learn more and grow in our relationship with God, but sharing what we do know along the way!

Let us take the enthusiasm for HALLELUJAH!!  And live in that enthusiasm for God, in every aspect of our lives, whether teacher or student.