Immigrant Hope is a ministry of the Evangelical Free Church in America, which exists to equip churches to provide immigrants with the hope of the Gospel, help in finding a pathway to legal residency, and a home in a church that cares for their needs. Jay Rudolph shares more on a Friday Kinship Faith Feature. For information visit

James Hodshon of Eldon, Missouri, has been carrying an eight-foot-tall wooden cross and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Missouri and beyond for nearly 20 years. He shares about it and how he found Kinship Radio on a Friday Kinship Faith Feature with Jay Rudolph.


On a Thursday Kinship Faith Feature, Jay Rudolph visits with the administrator of a Christian school in Clear Lake, Iowa, who shares about a different philosophy in education that’s based upon a Bible-based curriculum with a classical approach. For information visit

Jesus is a friend that can rescue you from death, fill you with hope, shape your destiny and give your life new meaning. Jesus knows us better than ourselves, and He wants us to know Him on a close, personal level.

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