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What is your worth?

By 05/29/2012No Comments
It was taken from my mom’s old musty attic,  the lamp was in my eyes–
simply hideous.
A primitive looking base that fit a standard 60 watt bulb with a glass etched front that said,
  New York’s World Fair
I put it up for auction on eBay for $1.00, no reserve. You never know who might want the ugly thing, I’d be surprised if it would even fetch a dollar.
As each day passed, I noticed the current bid price escalating at a quick rate
…at about the $440 mark I began to wonder what in the world I had in my possession. Suddenly, I was a little more careful with how I handled my neglected lamp.
On the last day of bidding there was a mad flurry of bids and next thing I knew it was purchased for over $800.
I emailed the winning bidder and asked him why he bid so much.
I had a very rare lamp that collectors greatly desired, he said. There were only a handful in existence.

I had no idea.

You see, on eBay,  an item’s value is decided by the highest bidder. 

May I ask, 
What is your value beloved child?
We lie with hands outstretched wanting to be told our value by those who have never paid the price for our lives, let alone bid for our heart and soul. We allow others to abuse, use, define and label us. We accept the neglect and walk in shame. We make choices that say to the world that our value is not rare, or precious or a treasure. 
But the truth is, 
You were worth dying for.
Jesus died for you and until someone pays a higher price than that, do not allow others thoughts and words about you to define you.
The law of eBay is that your product is worth what the highest bidder pays for it, all other bids are ignored except the highest.
The law of the kingdom of Heaven is that your worth is determined by the price that Jesus paid for you.
Jesus pressed Buy It Now when He obediently went to the cross.
 He paid the ultimate price with His precious blood. 
He did it because of His unconditional and passionate love for you.

All other attempts at telling us our worth are ignored. 
Jesus didn’t wait for others to bid. He just clicked on the Buy It Now button and paid the price without even looking. He didn’t shop around. He didn’t need other suggestions. He didn’t need to comparison shop. He didn’t read the condition or the fine print. He didn’t notice the crack in the foundation or the chip on the side. He didn’t care what color you were or how many others had you first. He didn’t care
He loved you so much
His desire for you, so passionate, 
His pursuit of you, to the ends of the earth.
Do you see? 
Your worth , your value, is 
You are His beloved.
It’s true!
What painful words defined and crushed you this week loved one?
What unhealthy choices did you make this week, forgiven one, because you believed you were worthless not priceless?
Will you allow Jesus to determine your worth?

Today’s blog post written by:
 Kinship Staff Member and Announcer Julie Busby