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I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.


To the parent who requested prayer on 1.11 for her daughter to break free from a bad relationship…

Honestly, my heart TRULY goes out to you! We totally understand your concerns... as we experienced more than we ever thought possible with our own daughter.

Please allow me to ENCOURAGE you! Our daughter is now 32 years old AND she has told us (many times) ‘Thank You’ for what we did for her while she was going through that very dark valley. Amongst other 'things', we PRAYED... A LOT!! In fact, one morning after we had to practice, what we felt was 'very hard tough Love', God placed within my heart... ‘The Battle Belongs to the Lord’!!! Which we knew, yet, God blessed us with His confirmation... no matter how difficult it becomes.

With what we have now learned from our daughter, she has said that she was trying to ‘help’ the guy she was with; to be his ‘rescuer’. Just a thought… Maybe that is what your daughter is also doing?!?!

YES, our prayers will be with her… and you… and your family!!! (As we know that what is happening with her, does also greatly affect all those who care for her!!)

We envision Jesus’ Loving Arms around her! We pray that she will sense His presence like never before. We pray for His hedge of protection around her like a great big bubble, so God will only allow ‘IN’ what He knows needs to come forth.

I shared a prayer card (Prayers for Prodigals) with KJWR. If you would like it, please reach out to them. It may be a good guide for you as to ‘the many areas to pray about for your daughter’ (that we, my husband and I, had not thought of on our own).

May God provide you with His comfort and Peace throughout each day!!! 🙂

Received: January 13, 2022

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