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What Day Is It?

The Burning Question:

What is your favorite Easter memory?

Morning Devotional:

The longer I am a dog owner the more convinced I am that you can learn a lot about God from a dog.

I have had my dog, Zoey for almost twelve years now and she has taught me so much about unconditional love. Before I adopted her, she lived in a very abusive situation and for many months I wondered if she would ever be “normal.” She was so timid, resisted contact with people and wouldn’t show affection at all. She wouldn’t make eye contact or even wag her tail. One day I was lamenting about this before the Lord, wondering if she would ever show any sign of loving me back when God spoke very loudly to me. “Now you know how I feel,” He said. “My Son died on the cross for all of mankind, and look at how few acknowledge His sacrifice, much less show their appreciation for it.”

I was undone. Jesus died for all of our sins – and not just for some of us, or for those He deemed worthy. John 3:16 does not say that God so loved a few people that He sent His one and only son. It says God so loved the world. Matthew 18:14 reminds us, too, that our Father in heaven is not willing for any of us to perish.  Christ’s sacrifice wasn’t just for a chosen few. He gave his life for everyone. If only everyone would receive His free gift of salvation.

– Beth

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What did the Lord tell Zechariah to throw to the potter?

Answer:  Thirty pieces of silver  (Zechariah 11:13)


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