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The Burning Question: 

What is a gadget kids today just wouldn’t understand?

Morning Devotional:

Since our earliest years, fairness has been ingrained in us. Recently, my son Obadiah underwent a minor medical procedure in Rochester, a 90-minute drive from our home. During dinner, he excitedly recounted how, on the way back, he treated himself to ice cream. However, Mercy, his younger sister, couldn’t hold back her tears, lamenting that when she had her appendix removed, she received nothing of the sort. The truth is, she merely forgot the treat she had received.

Jesus shared stories that used everyday scenes to convey lessons about the kingdom of God. His parables were often surprising and, at times, unsettling. Consider the parable in Matthew 20 about the laborers in a vineyard, where the theme of fairness takes center stage. The landowner pays all the laborers the same, regardless of their hours of toil. Those who worked the entire day protested, questioning the fairness of it all. Yet, the parable teaches us that fairness isn’t the focal point.

The kingdom of God operates on a level beyond fairness; it is marked by generosity. Jesus, our generous King, provides more than what we deserve or can anticipate. In the story, the laborers received what was promised and more. The kingdom of God embodies this spirit of abundance.

Let us be grateful for the generosity of our Lord Jesus. May we appreciate who He is and what He does, and may His generosity inspire us to extend the same to others.


Bible Quiz:


Who had a wife named Judith?


Esau Genesis 26:34

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