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Morning Devotional:

They looked great, but they never could have held the weight.  

When I finished college and was getting ready to move into my first apartment, my grandfather refurbished a couple of chairs for my new place. They were nothing special, really – just a couple of mismatched wooden straight backed chairs – but with new coats of stain and varnish, they looked pretty good. The problem was they were never very sturdy. I used those rickety chairs as plant stands, bedside tables and an afghan rack, but I could never use them as actual chairs. I couldn’t trust them to bear any weight when I sat in them.

There’s a story about a missionary who was struggling to find a translation for the word “trust” in a Bible teaching he was giving to an indigenous tribe of people and found one because of a chair.  The missionary, who was seated in a chair at the time, raised his feet off the floor and asked the tribe to explain to him what he was doing. They used a word which means “to lean your whole weight upon” – which was the perfect word to describe the act of trust.

When we “trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding” as it says in Proverbs chapter 3, that is what we are doing. We are leaning our whole selves on God, knowing He can bear the full weight of our worries and cares and concerns. He is more than capable of doing it, so I say we let him.

– Beth  

Burning Question:

What are your tales from the DMV?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What townspeople tricked Joshua by putting on worn out shoes when they went to meet him?

Answer:  The townspeople of Gibeon.  (Joshua 9:5)

Storytime: Glad I’m not Graded on everything I do!

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