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Morning Devotional:

Sometimes it’s the simplest truths that are the most profound.

I read a devotional online last night about an encounter Billy Graham had with a man by the name of Dr. Karl Barth. Barth was a philosopher and a theologian – one of the greatest in the world, according to Reverend Graham. In the devotional, Graham spoke about a time Dr. Barth had with an American seminary student. The student asked Dr. Barth, “What is the greatest truth that ever crossed your mind?” The other students in the class were on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear some complicated, profound answer. Dr. Barth’s reply?  “Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so.”  

Ladies and gentlemen, there it is. The greatest truth that ever crossed the mind of a world renowned theologian is the first verse of a simple song we learned in Sunday school, and the same truth that sends enemies to flight. Jesus loves you. Enough said. 

– Beth

Burning Question:

What is your next big adventure?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What king sent his son to David with expensive presents that David decided to dedicate to the Lord?

Answer:  Toi, King of Hamath  (2 Samuel 8:9-12)

Storytime: I should have stopped with the Praise.

Just one more thing…

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