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Morning Devotional

Monday, January 9th:   A friend once told me, “When the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, change will take place.”

I’m not sure where she got that quote from, but it has sure made a lot of sense to me over the years.  Before there has been any kind of big shift or big move in the plan that God has had in my life, there has always been pain of some kind.

A lot of times that pain has been of my own making.

We like what’s comfortable, don’t we?  We like what we know.  We like things to be just the way they are, even if the way things are prove to be uncomfortable, or are consistently uneasy or kind of pinching here or absolutely grating over there.  We choose to stay in that place however because it’s what we know.  I think what we fear the most isn’t change so much – it’s fear of the unknown, fear of what’s on the other side of the shift we’re being called to make.

There’s one thing we must lean on no matter where we are or where we’re going in the season of change and we find it in Malachi 3:6:  “For I, the Lord, do not change.” It’s a simple truth and yet profound.  With every change that may come our way, there is one thing that will never, ever change and that is Him.

Change can be a scary time, yes – but change is powerful when we lean on the One who never changes.  – Beth

Burning Question

Monday, January 9th:  What was a change made that you were unsure of, but turned up being just the best?

Bible Quiz

Monday, January 9th:   What did God provide as a sacrifice in substitute for Isaac?  Answer:  A ram.  (Genesis 22:13)

Story Time

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Just one more thing…

If you ever hear me order a decaf coffee, I’ve been kidnapped and I’m trying to signal you.