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Morning Devotional:

Have you ever been tempted by something that seemed to be really good but in the end wasn’t a good thing at all? We all have at one point or another. I was once tempted by what appeared to be a really fast way to earn some money over the summer when I was in college only to discover I was being deceived into joining a less-than-reputable business venture. It cost me a good chunk of money before I realized what was happening.

We all have been duped into doing things that seemed right but ended up harmful, or we have been in situations where we have been elbowed into compromising our beliefs for something that defies them. We are tempted so many times and in so many ways in our day to day lives that we can at times lose track of the enemy’s plan. It’s all the more reason why we have to be diligent to stand in faith when they come, otherwise we will be in hot water.

In Matthew chapter four, Satan tempted Jesus three times, trying to get Him to compromise. Jesus stood firm, though, using the words of our Father to resist him. That’s something we can and must do ourselves. God’s word is the tool we have been given to tell the devil the truth – and to tell him to run.

– Beth

Burning Question:

What is foremost in your thoughts today?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  Who died after giving birth to a son named Ichabod?

Answer:  The wife of Phinehas, Eli’s son  (1 Samuel 4:19-22)

Storytime: Discipline Backfired

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