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Morning Devotional:

I love to swim.  It’s one of the few exercise activities I really enjoy doing and I try to get to a pool two or three times a week to go swimming or do water aerobics. I could be in the water for hours. When I get into a pool, I don’t like to linger in the shallow end. Oh, no – I head out into the deepest part of the pool that I can.  Granted, that’s not all the way – I’m only five foot two – but I need to be in water well up to my shoulders to really feel comfortable.

The last time I was in the water I was thinking about a chapter in the book of Ezekiel.  Chapter 47 finds the prophet prompted by the Lord to walk into a river by the temple gate, first up to his ankles, then his knees, next his waist, and then over his head, water so deep he had to swim. It was a prophetic act, one that served as a reminder of the flow of God’s blessings and a foreshadowing of the move of the Holy Spirit. But as I thought about the passage, I pondered a simpler message to us – God’s invitation to go deeper with Him. Is He asking that of you and me today?  Are you willing to go deeper in your relationship with Him?  I hope so, and I hope we accept the offer!

– Beth

Burning Question:

What is an item on your to-do list you just haven’t gotten around to doing yet?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  Who in the Bible is mentioned as being “The greatest man among all the people of the East?”

Answer:   Job  (Job 1:1-3)


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