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Morning Show Archive – Friday April 12th, 2024

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What Day Is It?

The Burning Question:

What is one thing that is totally overpriced – but so worth it?

Morning Devotional:

Do you ever have days when crying out to God feels like it isn’t working?

Allow me if you will to set the scene.  It is a day when it seems like the struggle of life is unbearable. God’s promises for you are no match for Satan’s attacks against you and whatever good that has come to you in life has been pulled out from under you like a rug. You’re in a constant state of anxiety because you know – you just know – the enemy’s attack is unavoidable. You have even come to believe that being a Christian means your life has to be in a constant state of struggle and there is no end to the suffering.

If that is you today, let me tell you this. Those are lies. They are all lies perpetuated by Satan to get us to doubt what I believe is the greatest truth about our God. God wants to bless His children, and nothing Satan can do will change that about His character. Just look at some of the ways He lavishes us with blessing. He provides supernatural protection for us. He gives us a purpose and plan for our lives that is rich and abundant. He sent HIs son Jesus to redeem us from the curse of sin by dying on the cross. Jesus defeated Satan, delivered the knockout punch to the one who steals, kills and destroys so that we can have life abundant and to the full here on earth, and eternal life in heaven with God. There is nothing the enemy can do that will stop God’s blessings from coming to us when we have Jesus as our Savior. Absolutely nothing!

If you hear those lies of the enemy creeping into your thoughts, tell the enemy the truth. Jesus is Lord!  Praise Him for it, too!

– Beth

Bible Quiz:

Question:  What happened to Aaron’s staff when it was placed in the tent of meeting?

Storytime: Zebedee won our brackets!

Just one more thing!

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