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Morning Devotional:

I was at church on Sunday when I saw a perfect example of God’s great love. I was running late, rushing to get inside and grab a seat before the music started. As I turned the corner and headed toward the door to the sanctuary, I saw a young boy in front of me running as well. He was moving along at a pretty good clip when all of a sudden, splat!  He tripped and fell forward, hitting the ground flat on his face.

Before he could open up into that wailing kind of screaming cry you would expect from a toddler who had just performed the perfect pratfall, a man I could only assume was his father swooped in, picked up the little guy, cradled him in his arms, quickly assessed he was unharmed and carried him into the sanctuary, all without missing a single beat. I was impressed. There was no harm done, no major scene, and all was well with the world. The loving father saved the day.

Isn’t that what God does when we fall down?  Doesn’t he pick us up, dust us off, take care of our bumps and bruises, dry our tears, forgive us of our sins, and still welcome us into His house? Of course He does, all because He is a good Father. I know that because of what it says in 1 John 3:1:  “See what great love the Father has for us that He would call us His children. And that is what we are.”

– Beth

Burning Question:

What is something that doesn’t exist but should?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  According to Luke, what Roman ruler ordered a census in the empire?

Answer:  Caesar Augustus  (Luke 2:1)

Storytime: Where’s Kalvary?

Just one more thing

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