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Morning Show Archive – April 13th, 2023

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Morning Devotional:

Have you ever been intrigued by useless trivia?

I’m usually pretty game for an interesting fact or piece of knowledge, and an article I ran across last night had me pretty curious. According to the author,  the average adult knows about 42,000 words? The active vocabulary of an average adult – the number of words commonly in use – is about 20,000 words. When the article broke it down a little further and it got even more interesting, going on to say that women spoke about 20,000 words per day as opposed to men, who spoke an average of 7,000 words.

I have no idea if that is really true, as the investigator in me went pretty deep down the rabbit hole on the topic, farther than was necessary. But the adventure did have me thinking about the power of our words, and a word I would like to stop using.  Impossible.

I’ve been using the word impossible a lot as of late, and God has let me know it, too. Every time I try to use it, saying this or that isn’t going to work out, or God isn’t going to come through, He defies my doubt and brings the miracle. God is faithful, He is good, and as it says in Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible.”

The word impossible is simply not in God’s vocabulary.  I think it’s high time we take it out of ours.

– Beth

Burning Question:

What spring chore needs to happen?

Bible Quiz:

Question:  In what city in Greece did a group of Jews form a mob in an anti-Paul riot?

Answer:  Thessalonica  (Acts 17:5)

Storytime: The Guys can learn from the ladies

Just one more thing…

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