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So long Twin’s Baseball! By Allen Jones

So long Bomba Squad, rally squirrel, and the incredible Minnesota Twin’s 2019 baseball season.  The word disappointed would not quite sum up my feelings today after the Twins ended their playoff push with three straight losses to the terrible, awful, and dare I say evil New York Yankees. The truth is, the Yankees are an […]

HACK ATTACK!!! by Allen Jones

HACK ATTACK!!!  RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!   Or at least that’s how I felt when I received a call from Doug Johnson last Friday that not all was well on the Kinship Christian Radio Facebook page.   Further investigation led to the realization that my own personal Facebook had been taken over, and from there the […]

On the shores of Galilee by Beth Crosby

  Friday’s journey in Israel kept us very close to the waters of Galilee – in fact, every activity we did had something to do with the water.  We started off our day with a  boat ride to take in the view of the vast shoreline. Here you can see the cities of Tiberias, Migdal […]