2024 Mini Sessions & Descriptions

FULL – Simply Sourdough: Each participant will receive her own dehydrated starter to take home. I will talk about how to rehydrate the starter, how to feed it, and how to bake with it. I will share some of my favorite sourdough recipes and tips.

FULL – Hands-Only CPR: When the time comes to save someone’s life, will you BE READY? Come learn hands-only CPR in a few simple steps, and be the difference for someone you love. A demonstration on how to use an AED will be a highlight as well.

FULL – Creative Corners: Each corner of the gym will be set up with an easy, quick craft. You will be able to do two of these four crafts during the mini session time.  You will get two tickets to use for the two you choose. Some craft supply quantities are limited:

Painted Wood Coaster Craft:
 In this mini session, you can design and paint your own wood coaster to commemorate 2024’s “A Day for Women”.

Acrylic Key Chain: Create your own key chain using assorted colors and designs.

Q-Tip Painting: Paint lavender in acrylics using basic acrylic paints and cotton swabs!

House on a Block: Let’s make a house out of a pre-cut block of wood with all kinds of doodads. This is an easy and adorable craft made to match your décor or to give as a gift!

FULL – Pens to Paper for the Persecuted: Following the call in Hebrews 13:3 to “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them,” we’ll use our time to write letters of encouragement to persecuted Christians imprisoned for their faith in Jesus Christ.

The Secrets to Controlling Pain: Your Body’s Blueprint for Wellness: Discover the secrets to a pain-free life in this empowering talk! Explore anti-inflammatory habits, the power of daily movement, and the science of quality sleep. Challenge the myth that pain stems only from injuries – it’s a holistic puzzle influenced by your lifestyle. Walk away with actional steps to transform your daily routine and reclaim control over your well-being. Ready to embrace a life with reduced pain?

FULL – Finding Hope in the Struggle of Addiction: Through my testimony with empathy, prayer, and connection, Women can find breakthrough from the darkness of addiction.

FULL – Shine Your Light – Share Your Salt: Titus encourages cross generational mentoring among Christian women. Discover why this is so needed and how you are uniquely qualified to step in and make a lasting difference!

FULL – Doodle Prayers: A Visual Prayer Model: Doodle your way to more focused prayers. Prayer doodles are active, visual, and provide a practical prayer practice for the word-weary and restless prayer. With a couple of writing utensils and some simple doodling vocabulary, anyone can initiate a conversation with God. No artistic skill or prayer expertise is necessary.

FULL – Creating a Floral Wreath: We will be putting together a floral 8″ hexagon wreath w/stand. No crafting experience required.

FULL – Love in Action: Practicing Christian Hospitality Through Tablescaping: A personally curated tablescape is a way to show your guests that you care about them, and that both they and the meal are special. Learn simple tips on creating a beautiful table using ordinary household glasses, linens, dinnerware and flatware through a hands-on demonstration.

Clearing the Clutter to Make Room for God: Discover how you can enhance your relationship with God as you clear out the clutter in each area of your life.

FULL – Confessions of a Young Mom: During this mini session, participants will be led in a conversation surrounding the walk with Jesus Christ as a mother, and how his love and grace is sufficient even when we trip and fall. Expect to connect with others, hear relatable mom-struggles, and learn how to depend on the One who makes us whole.

FULL – Is it Dementia or Typical Aging?: You will learn the difference between typical aging and the signs of dementia. What is dementia really? And how brain changes affect abilities. When we know better we do better. Come to gain awareness, knowledge and skill about one of the most prevalent conditions affecting millions of Americans. When you’ve met one person with dementia, you’ve met one person with dementia.

FULL – Painted Mason Jar: Creativity know no boundaries! Learn how to paint “inside” a mason jar to create a lantern, decorative vase, tissue holder and more!

Quick! Make a Meal in an Instant Pot!: Do you ever feel pressured to make a meal in a hurry? With an Instant Pot, a little pressure is all you need to make a nutritious meal in no time. If you’re new to the world of pressure cooking, learn tips for beginners and delicious recipes for Instant Potting success while enjoying a cooking demonstration

*Pictures that are shown are representations of the projects that will be made, not the actual items.