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I prayed for this

Prayed for 14 times.


Lord as you said we should come to you when we feel down should come to you and will feel done and we feel a lot of confused and frustrated but I don't even know where to begin God father I am confused mentally physically emotionally I feel like my soul has been torn apart I have no way no air to breathe everywhere I see My God is

darknesss so I've lost you and I lost my brother you took the most important thing for me and besides that you took my sister cousin from me and my cousin brother for me both in June and my brother in may father you left me naked with no words no nothing to cover me Father you left me hopeless lonely for the same people that I thought would be there for me it's the same people that did so much in life to me when I was younger where do I begin from forgiveness how do I forgive or what should I forgive God I know you have forgiven us for us since the torture of your son Jesus went through how can I imagine the forgiveness if you were to devour as you would take us all in one day before but you have forgiven us each one by one Lord I try my best to forgive those who trespass against me who cures me who mistreated me who abused me physically mentally emotionally Lord Lord my rape at the age of 12th I am still holding on to that father I was begging for you when the man was raping me at 12 years old where were you and that man was brought in the house by the same people that called themselves that they love me for that reason how do I forgive them Father the age of seven I was molested the same people you called family people who you think love you but I even look at friends even better than my family Lord how do I change my heart to come back to my family how do I forgive my family I want to become the person you want me to be but I don't know how because I am trapped into this darkness this darkness I'm living in inside my mind it's worse than a prisons cells that anybody can be in I am trapped and I need your help for that I am crying out to you because I need you I've tried to commit suicide so many times 12 and I'm still here Lord there's something there's a reason why you want me here come rescue me and come now please I ask for you to cover my house cover my daughter's life cover my life Lord as I seek you please open my eyes let me know your wisdom your knowledge your understanding your love open my eyes please in Jesus name I pray Amen I'm lost without you I can't go nowhere without you I can't do anything without you father let your will be done unto me it is not my will anymore I am forever yours I can't fight this battle alone this battle of abandonment this battle of feeling unloved lonesome not being w Worthy this battle of feeling rejected this battle of just not fitting in this world feel like an outcast help me to find who I am help me to do what you sent me for

Received: November 17, 2021

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