KJLY Office Assistant / Receptionist

Thank you for your interest in the position of KJLY Office Assistant/ Receptionist in Blue Earth, MN. To assist in your understanding of the position, please note the attached Job Description.

After reviewing the information, should you like to continue the application process, please forward your resume and a one-page letter indicating your interest and identifying the specific talents and any personal attributes you might bring to the position.

Please drop off your materials at the KJLY Blue Earth studios or mail your resume and information to:

PO Box 72
Blue Earth, MN 56013

If desired, your resume and related materials may be emailed to MattD@newmail.kinshipradio.org

Thank you once again for your interest in the Christian radio ministry of KJLY. Should you have any initial questions, please feel free to contact the KJLY Senior Bookkeeper, Tracy Jones, at 800-810-5559.



This Job Description is to give a general overall picture of the nature of the duties for the job title named below.  This Job Description is subject to change as needed and as determined by the Executive Director and/or the Minn-Iowa Christian Broadcasting Board of Directors

Job Description
KJLY Office Assistant / Receptionist
Updated February 2021

  1. Hours:
    2 days per week through August, 2021 at Blue Earth, MN studios
    (This position will transfer to a Mankato, MN KJLY office location in September, 2021)
    14-16 hours per week (target)
    Hours per week may occasionally exceed the target schedule due to Share-a-thon and other events.
  2. Primary Responsibilities:
    A. Office Assistant
    Assist fellow office staff in development of a smoothly operating administrative
    environment.  Specific duties to be assigned by MICB Senior Bookkeeper, Tracy
    B. Receptionist
    Answer and route all incoming phone calls, receive and direct visitors,
    mail all KJLY correspondence, pick up mail at Post Office, execute all necessary secretarial
    functions,  create and maintain databases, organization and coordination monthly mailings.
    C. Volunteers
    Secure, train and coordinate volunteers needed for daily operations,
    monthly mailings, Share-a-thon and special events.  Provide leadership and
    encouragement for volunteers.
    Enlist and nurture volunteers needed for daily operations, monthly mailings,
    annual Share-a-thon and special events.
    D. Miscellaneous
    Attend and support KJLY events as needed, maintain daily “Community
    Calendar”, tabulate station survey results.   Post “Late Breaking News” and
    related information to Kinship Christian Radio website.
  3. Chain of Command
    Answerable in all responsibilities to:
    MICB Executive Director
    MICB Senior Bookkeeper
  4. Employee to abide by all procedures, requirements and responsibilities as
    detailed in the Minn-Iowa Christian Broadcasting Employee Policy Manual.

For further information/clarification please ask appropriate ministry employees and/or consult the Minn-Iowa Christian Broadcasting, Inc. Employee Policy Manual.