Last Thursday night, a group of Kinship Radio supporters, radio ministry staff, pastors, and disciples of the LORD Jesus Christ gathered together at what will be the new studios for the ministry in Mankato. 


It’s still under construction, but despite the drywall dust, most of the interior walls are up. 


We gathered there, at the site of what had been the Lighthouse Bookstore for over 40 years, to pray over this place and dedicate it to the LORD.  We sang songs of praise and prayed and acknowledged that God’s hand had provided this specific location at this specific time for God’s purposes. It was anointed with salt and oil. We wrote God’s words on the walls. 


I felt the Holy Spirit present in power.


As all this was going on, I remembered that this area was called the Hilltop region of Mankato. In point of fact, the building we were in –860 Madison Avenue– sits at the very beginning, the crest, the pinnacle of what people call Mankato Hilltop. 


And I could not help but think that there could be no better place for His light –for the Word of the LORD, for His praises, for music proclaiming His glory, for teaching building up His people, for witness and testimony, for the life-giving and life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to be broadcast from to all those who listen in northern Iowa, southern Minnesota, and all the world. 


Today’s Praise

“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14 (NLT)


*Please note: At some point in the future, probably early this fall, when all the drywall dust has settled and all the carpet and furniture is in and the air conditioning is functional, Kinship Radio will host a public event for the new offices where we will once again pray and praise the LORD for His greatness and provision.

And don’t forget, it’s still June letter month! Here’s a link to send your letter to us:

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