The Way and Being In the Way

As the Official Big-Shot Blog Writer and Editor-in-Chief of the Kinship Christian Radio Blog-o-Sphere Universe, you would think I would be extraordinarily knowledgeable and informed about all things pertaining to Kinship Christian Radio, including (but certainly not limited to) the Twelfth Annual KJLY Women’s Conference held this past Saturday at Hosanna Lutheran Church in Mankato.


You would think that.


If so, you would be wrong. I caught maybe three percent of this event. I know that there were over 300 women in attendance, that the food was delicious, that there were snacks and beverages in abundance at all times absolutely everywhere throughout the venue, that the choices of dressing for the salad were ranch, sun-dried tomato, and herb peppercorn–because I told approximately one hundred ladies those were their choices in my official capacity as Salad Dressing Dispenser Person. I was actually at the event for about five hours, but the reason I don’t really know much about all that went on was because I was a helper, not a participant. 


I did catch some of the Looney Lutherans while I was helping get lunch ready via the large television screen in the lunchroom. From this, I was able to determine two things: A. The Looney Lutherans are indeed looney, and; B. In the grand scheme of Lutheran food groups, “All roads lead to hotdish.” (Fact checked and verified.)


I spent a lot of time carrying things, moving things, bringing things to places, looking for answers to questions, and just generally attempting to be helpful. I also spent many minutes attempting to compensate for my special gift of Being in The Way. 


It seems that whenever and wherever I am (especially if the “wherever” is a kitchen) there is nowhere within that location where I can locate this Temple of the Holy Spirit that is not in the direct path of and therefore a stumbling block to Persons Who Are Actually Getting Things Done. (PWAAGTD) 


I have noticed this ever since I was a child. 


And, even though I know that the featured speaker Alli Worthington is a nationally-known speaker, author, podcaster, and blogger, I missed 97% of what she said.


Late in the day, during a brief lull when I was able to sit down, I caught this tiny snippet of her message and in it she said that God doesn’t need us to accomplish His purposes here on this earth. He involves us in His plans because He loves us.


Now, I’ve heard that basic concept expressed before. There’s a song by Tenth Avenue North and another one by Casting Crowns that play on Kinship Christian Radio that deliver that very message.


But Worthington illustrated it by talking about a mother preparing a meal in the kitchen and asking her young child to help. Mom doesn’t need that child to help her to be able to prepare the meal. Mom asks that young child to participate in preparing the meal because she loves that child. 


And suddenly, I understood why I was always in the way when I was in the kitchen.


I’m in the way when I’m in the kitchen and not helping. If I’m in there to sneak a cookie for myself or just to stand around because that’s where everybody else is, it’s no wonder I’m in the way.


No wonder my Lutheran Grandma would sigh when I was leaning up against the drawer with the potholders in it while the beeper on the stove was insistently proclaiming the hotdish had been in the oven for exactly one hour at 350.


But, if I’m actually involved in helping, I am no longer a stumbling block. I am one of the PWAAGTD. 


If I accept God’s offer to be involved in helping, I’m the guy opening the drawer and handing Grandma the potholder. I’m the one stirring the bananas into the red Jello®. (Okay, maybe I’m getting a little big-headed there. Stirring the bananas in is above my pay grade. Sorry. I’m probably more like the guy carrying the dish to the table after grandma puts the Cool Whip® on it.)


But anyway, the point is God calls each one of us into His plan of loving the world, not because He needs us, but because He loves us. Instead of Being In the Way, we become part of The Way.


And isn’t that where we would all prefer to be? 


Today’s Praise

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. Revelation 3:20 (NLT)


(Hotdish image courtesy of Pixabay, which by the way was impossible to find using the word “hotdish.” Apparently, there’s a nefarious plot seeping through the dark corners of the internet to change the name of this beloved and staple food to “casserole.” Beware.)

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