If you dare say it, most people will suddenly go quiet and stare.  


  The stares may turn to glares.  Nevertheless, somebody has to speak the truth about the elephant in the room.  The elephant that most are claiming is really a Zebra or a Kangaroo or a Seahorse.  


  The elephant in the room is the question; Why is this Covid-19 pandemic happening?”


  I’ll embrace that risk and say that the Covid-19 is a message from God about the idols of our life, culture and world.  Furthermore, the sooner we receive this message and seek God’s mercy and forgiveness, the sooner our country will be restored.  Think, for a moment, about the things which have been removed from our daily lives. One of first to go were Sports. Are sports bad?  No! But when they become an idol they become spiritually toxic. And when tens of millions of people look upon an NFL Sunday as “Gameday” rather than the Sabbath, sports are an idol.  

   The next idol to crumble has been entertainment.  Movie theatres, Broadway plays, music concerts. Gone.  Which was quickly followed by the demise of the entire leisure industry as cruise ships, vacations, hotels all closed.  Let’s not forget our obsession with money and security which are now on the brink of collapse. Finally, our freedom. We, who have long practiced the grand tradition of going wherever and whenever we want, are suddenly told to stay home.  


   Do you think God is trying to tell us something?  


   I believe He is.  And the message is that we, who have sown the wind, are now reaping the whirlwind.  I will share that truth. That said, I will also be super-quick to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ…that God is love and does not willingly bring affliction or grief to anyone. (Lamentations 3:33).  And that His purpose with Covid-19, as with all of His chastisements, is not to punish but to turn …or return…people to Himself.  


   The solution to Covid-19 does not lay in Purell, social distancing or N95 masks.   The solution is in repentance and trust. In repenting of our personal and the culture’s sins and idols and asking God, who is Lord over all… including Coronavirus…for His mercy and rescue.


   If you are one who affirms this message, let me encourage you to join with like-minded people in sharing this message of the love of God with your family, friends and neighbors.  Let’s continue to extend God’s loving invitation to all to shelter under His wings of forgiveness, protection, deliverance, blessings and grace. 


Matt Dorfner 

Executive Director   

Kinship Christian Radio

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  1. Jayne
    Jayne says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I whole heartedly agree. God bless you and my prayer too is that hearts, souls and minds will be opened. I Jesus Christ Holy name. I thank and praise Him through the storms.

  2. Vickie
    Vickie says:

    Amen, Matt! I feel the same way! God is all powerful and this is definitely a wakeup call for us. If we have strayed from God, it’s time to go from being a lukewarm Christian to a fired up Christian once again and band together as Christians (while practicing social distancing of course)!

  3. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    My husband and I read the letter at different times but we had the same idea. We each ended up making copies. I hope that’s ok Matt? I mailed them to family members. My husband took some to work and was able to share his faith with co workers. Matt your thoughts were spot on. Thank you!

  4. Lisa Wolle
    Lisa Wolle says:

    Bless you and your thoughts are the same as I have and feel.
    Thanks for your willingness to share!
    God’s blessings always


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