It’s September Survey Time!


As a listener of Kinship Christian Radio, your opinion of the ministry is always valuable, but in September, you are encouraged to share it more than ever!


All of the surveys have already been mailed out, so if you have not received one by now, you can obtain one by calling 800-810-5559. Your opinions, input, advice, and preferences will be used to make the ministry of Kinship Christian Radio better meet your needs, the needs of the others, and to bring glory to God! HALLELUJAH!


As the official Kinship Christian Radio blogger, I have somehow obtained access to the actual survey and am prepared to share with you, my valued readers, some of my responses to some (not all) of the questions:

I am male and married. (That’s right, ladies, I am happily “taken.”)


I have been listening for over ten years.


On a scale of one to ten, I rate the importance of news broadcasts a 9. (I am grateful for Salem Radio News.)

Yes, I have a “try not to miss it” type program or feature. (Steve and Allen’s conversations at 7:36 a.m. each weekday morning. Oh, and Beth Crosby’s “Wings of Worship” is also very good, and I really like “Creation Moments” at 7:45 weekday mornings, and that Scottish preacher (Alistair Begg) in the evenings, oh and Ravi Zacharias on Sunday (Let My People Think) and, (even though I’m usually in church) the one Matt Dorfner does on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.) Oh, and I almost forgot about Mission Network News. I really like that.


No, I do not have an Alexa, or an Echo Dot, although I did notice one in someone’s else’s bathroom once and said, “Alexa, play ‘Reckless Love’, by Cory Asbury” and it DID! (I still laugh to myself about that….Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t share that part on the survey. Probably best to use a pencil rather than a pen, right?)


Oh, and here’s a question on how often I listen on the weekends, whether I have a favorite weekend program, whether I’d like a daily 30-minute program about money, investing, and Christian stewardship, what aspects of Share-a-Thon I most enjoy (Listener testimonies!), whether I have a favorite Christian song I’d like to be considered for addition to the KCR music library, (Yes! ‘Worship the Great I Am’ by Kari Jobe!) and how I would rate Kinship Christian Radio on a scale of one to ten. (I would say 9.995, just because nothing on this earth is perfect –including my objectivity.) 


Oh, and there’s even a question about adding more news about missionaries. (Yes, more please!)


Annnnnd, the final question is “Would you like your name entered in our September Survey Grand Prize drawing?” Well, of course I would like a chance to win an Apple I-Watch, an I-Pod, or an I-Pod Mini! (However, I am ineligible because of my extremely prestigious position here at the blog –but that increases your odds!)


So fill out you survey and return it as soon as possible! They really do want to know what you think!


Today’s Praise

Praise be to the LORD, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Let all the people say, “Amen!” Praise the LORD. Psalm 106:48 (NIV)

Written by Dan Jones

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  1. Debora Smith
    Debora Smith says:

    I appreciate your programs. I listen on my drive to work around 6 a.m. and feel energized and uplifted starting my day. I enjoy listening to the late afternoon comments my drive home around 5 p.m. I love the songs and the speakers. For me, my experience listening to your station has been healing and informative. Thank U.

    • Kinship Update
      Kinship Update says:

      Debora, Thank you for you kind words. We are so thankful that Kinship Christian Radio helps you in your daily walk with the Lord.


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