June Letter Month

They say that letter writing is a lost art, but we are hoping you will take time to write to us during our June Letter Month. If you are wondering what to write – how about sharing what you enjoy about Kinship Christian Radio.  Every letter received during the month of June, with or without a donation, will automatically be put in a drawing to win the grand prize – a David Jeremiah Study Bible.

Write us a letter now by simply going to the top left of this page and click on the JLM icon. When you include a tax deductible gift with your letter, you can choose a free ministry gift.  Kinship Christian Radio is a listener supported Christian Radio Station. Together we can spread the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world. Thank you for your support.







We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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  1. Melodee Roberts
    Melodee Roberts says:

    Above, it says: Click on the icon at the top left of this page and you can write a note, include a gift of any amount and choose a free gift from the list.
    There is no icon.

    • Community Calendar
      Community Calendar says:

      Hi Melodee,
      Thanks for pointing this out. It makes since if it’s on the Home Page, but once you click on the news story, it’s a little confusing. I’ll get it fixed. Hope all is well with you.


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